Monday, July 5, 2010

Amazing that my blog is still here since I haven't been for so long! Over one year.....much has happened on this road to Peacefield. On April 17th Peacefield the company became a reality. As of April 17th Keith is an independent contractor. Now we continue on the road to Peacefield, our farm. Tonight Keith and I sat on our bed and pored over the farming books and magazines we picked up today at the bookstore. So much to know. So exciting. So overwhelming (and you can throw in an occasional fear thought or least for me).

So much time spent searching for land on the internet. I am so thankful that we are in such unity over what the farm should look like -- it's purpose, as far as we know it right now. I struggle with impatience. Our house on the market -- few lookers. How will this move forward? When? We know that our amazing God holds it in His hands -- the place, the reason, the timing. He is drawing us into His purpose and it is an amazing thing to behold.

We are loving the simplicity that has come from paring down the house to get it ready to sell. This is something that we want to hold on to. This should translate well to the lifestyle that the farm represents to us.

So, here we are -- city dwellers longing for the country. This will be the story of how God planted a dream in our hearts and it became a flesh and blood reality in our lives. I can hardly imagine ...........

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