Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of Frogs, Playing Cards, and Ponytails

Day three with our Lilly is coming to a close and we continue to fall more in love with her by the minute! She loves both to laugh and make us laugh. She has shown us so many endearing behaviors that are evidence of how seamlessly she will fit in to our crazy family!

For months before the trip I spent so much time trying to figure out what type of toys to bring for her to play with. I really had no idea what she liked so I just tried to hit the major play groups. I knew we would spend most of the week in the hotel room and I wanted her to have things to do. So, three days in we have a winner...........

Yes, it is a pack of playing cards and a green frog bath toy! She carries the cards with her everywhere -- even sleeps with them near her. We have had to put a Strawberry Shortcake bandaid on them to keep them closed because she doesn't want the cards to fall out, she just wants to hold the box. We have developed a game we play regularly. She sits at one end of the bed and I sit at the other and she uses the deck of cards as a paddle and hits the frog to me. I catch it (most of the time) and then he hops and ribbits back to her. Over and over and over........ :) The rest of the toys sit in the suitcase. I believe this falls under the universal, "Why did we buy her Christmas presents when all she wants to play with is the box?" parental reality. It is wonderful to be discovering her and what she likes and doesn't like.

There is one phenomenon that I am experiencing with her that is new to my parenting experience. She actually likes to have her hair washed! She asked me to wash it for her today in the bath -- twice! Amazing! She LOVES to wear jewelry, have her nails painted and her hair in a ponytail. It is so cute -- she knows how to use her hands to tighten her ponytail. She is a real beauty, but at the same time she is also rough and tumble. She loves to climb, jump, and get on the floor and play.

She also is a great eater and we have enjoyed our time in the hotel restaurant. The food here is really delicious and Delaney and I are having fun trying new things.

Tomorrow is a big day for us -- a medical appointment for Lilly, which is a requirement for us before we leave, and our visit to the US Embassy to do some paperwork. Friday we get our passport and immigration paperwork delivered and then Saturday we head home EARLY in the morning. We are so excited to get her home to meet the rest of her family!

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