Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Brand New Man.....

I walked in to Noah's room today to find him sleeping on his tummy. This is something he hasn't done for at least a month. When he woke up it was pure joy to watch him smile his contagious smile and kick his legs for all they were worth. He truly looks like a brand new man! It looked like he wanted to sit up, lay down, and roll over all at once! I think we are in for a whole new, and very exciting reality! I don't know that Noah has really felt well since arriving here in Cincinnati in September. He has had regular tummy troubles and I think that they were all symptoms of the increasing blockage in his intestine. We are so excited about what this will mean for Noah!

So, tomorrow at 9:30am he will receive his last antibiotic through his IV line, they will take the line out, and we will GO. HOME. You might hear our hallelujahs all the way from Kentucky!!

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