Monday, April 15, 2013

Where I Discover I'm NOT A Cool Cucumber!

So, this go around I was going to be the "experienced" adopting mom and be cool as a cucumber through the whole process. There are SO many time variables in international adoption and many of them are completely out of our control. We can get our paperwork done ASAP, but there are government processes, both here and overseas, that just take time. There are a lot of places where the process can hit time snags. So, since I KNOW that, this time I was just going to go with the flow. Uh huh. That lasted about two weeks!! The good news is that this is evidence to me that God is growing a real love for Susanna and Will in my heart. (On a side note, we think we have a name for our boy, but we want to wait until we visit him to make sure it is really for simplicity sake we will just use Will until it is official!)

I think my plan really went off the rails late last week when I watched the short videos I have of her. What is amazing is that we could also catch glimpses of Will in the crib next to her. She would try and share the toys she was given with him by handing them over the top of the crib! I love being able to see her, but it is clear when you watch them that the attention she gets when she is being videotaped is not her normal. I remember this with Lilly. She looked confused, a little scared, but in there was a desire to please. They look so very vulnerable and the thought that it could be a year before I can get to them just weighs so heavy on my heart. I struggled to sleep that night, and the chance that I would be a cool cucumber this go around went right out the window!!

Right now the prayer is that our fingerprints, which were received by the FBI last week, will be back to us as quickly as possible (right now we have heard that they are running about 3-4 weeks). Once we have them, and our home study is complete, our file can move on to homeland security (which seems to be running about 4-6 weeks) for approval. Please pray that these two processes will move swiftly! 

We know that all of this is in God's hands, but we also know that He includes us in His plans through action and of the greatest mysteries! So, we will get everything done as quickly as we can and we will pray that:

"He will cover [Susanna and Will] with his feathers,
and under his wings [they]will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be [their] shield and rampart."
Psalm 91:4

He has held them and we can trust that he will continue to do so until we can get to them. God, not governments, will set the timetable! 

I am a very visual person.....if I see it, it makes a much bigger impact on me. I want to share Susanna and Will with you. I would love it if those following their story and praying them home would print them and use them as a reminder to pray for their protection and process. It is a miracle that Susanna has survived this long without having surgery to close her back! Praying that she stays healthy and that God continues to breathe life into their spirits and prepare their hearts to come home!

Aren't they beautiful???


  1. They are indeed beautiful !!! I completely understand the whole "right now" wanting our children home with us where they belong. I love to watch God work in the lives of the children and the parents he has chosen for them. Family Love Hope Faith Patience Time

    Thank you for sharing this journey to your two beautiful children. I look forward to reading all you share.

    1. Thank you Gail! To know there are people encouraging us along the way is exciting and certainly helps on the hard days!!

  2. Kristen,
    You don't know me, and I only found your blog through another blog that was telling your story of wanting to adopt these two very sweet children. Without going into too much detail in your comments section, I wanted to know if you would be comfortable emailing me as I have a question for you about adoption. I tried to email you through the email on your page but it is giving me an error. My email is and my name is Tracy. Thank you.

  3. They are BEAUTIFUL! I so hear you on the waiting thing! We've been waiting 3 weeks longer than we thought for our HS update! We are crossing our fingers for tomorrow! Thanks for the update!

    1. Thank you Stefani!! I hope that you have your HS today!! Those delays just feel so brutal to me! God certainly must have a purpose in the seems to happen in everyone's adoption is just SO hard to know that they are facing so many MORE days without the ability to be loved by our families.....