Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day One in Sofia

We made it! We did have to take a different flight, but it worked out ok and we arrived in Sofia on time. We were in the Frankfurt airport for about 2 hours. It is amazing how many things you see in English. All announcements on the intercom system are done in German and then English, which was a great relief!

Toni met us at the airport and what a welcome sight!! It is such a blessing to know that she walks with us through this entire process. She is every bit as gracious and kind as we heard she was, and it is easy to see why everyone loves her so much!! She and her brother Marty drove us to our hotel and we are there now trying to stay awake until we can go to bed!! She advised us to not go to sleep until nighttime so that our adjustment will be easier. I think Keith and I slept about one hour each total on all of our flights.

Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria. Toni said that there are about two and a half million people living here! Tomorrow morning we head out to meet Bojidar. He is in the city of Plovdiv, which is the second largest city in Bulgaria. I can't wait to post pictures tomorrow. For now, here is the view off of our tiny balcony......notice the mountains in the clouds.

It all still seems kind of surreal. We are all the way across the Atlantic Ocean!! Amazing.

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