Saturday, February 5, 2011

This is why.....

.... we are flying to Bulgaria in two weeks. This is why we are doing something that is uncomfortable, scary, and will change our lives forever. I started reading this blog when she brought her two youngest daughters home from Ukraine. It is TRAGIC what conditions these babies live in! Hailee had sores on the front and back of her head from banging it on her crib for stimulation. They are never held, never comforted, never played with....many are drugged to keep them quiet and sleeping. It is easy to not think about and so hard to forget once you do. She is five years old and weighed 16 pounds when they brought her home. She was a shell. Now look at her!! You can see so much change in these first comparison pictures, but look at the second link!! Oh. My. Word. It fills me with such hope, joy, and courage -- to do the hard thing!! What price can we put on that? How that must make Jesus smile!!

Is it hard? No doubt. Does it cost? Dearly. Is it worth it? I can't wait to find out for myself!!

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