Wednesday, December 28, 2011


(Because it would just be wrong to have an update without looking at his sweet face! This picture was taken days before we came to the hospital. He LOVES his Pooh and it usually sleeps right by his head at night.)

Noah has had a rough go the past 24 hours. It has been a struggle to get his pain well managed and he has had moments of real agony. That is hard to watch. Keith stayed with him all night and was a really great and tireless advocate for him. A daddy who gives up good coffee and sleep (and yes, in that order) is a real prize and I am so very grateful for him. He looks out for me and my rest and sacrifices his own, love, love him.

It looks like we are finally in a good space with morphine and valium (see what I mean by lots of pain!) and hopefully we can hold him again soon.

The surgeon is optimistic that this surgery will clear up some of the mystery pain Noah has been having for a while. That will be a really fantastic thing, and that is what I focus on right now as we go through the hard part. Good things ahead!!!

(Pooh standing guard and ready for hospital duty!)

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