Friday, December 23, 2011


......not much happened. We are still waiting for the barium to move out of his colon. The x-ray showed that it hadn't changed a whole lot. They irrigated twice today and we will get a new x-ray in the morning. I saw a nurse that I got to know during our initial seven week stay. She said that during shift change she had heard the word that, "Noah is back. Boy, is he in love with his Mommy." Oh my....melt my heart! I assured her that the feeling is mutual. How God does this amazes me....knits our hearts.

So, I struggle with the waiting....with the leaving my kids at home......and really with leaving my baby every night. Praying for wisdom for the doctors and God's hand to touch Noah and bring him home!!!

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  1. Hi my dearest sister,

    WE will be praying!!! Thank you for posting and for joining our blog or I would have never known how we should be praying for NOAH! OH MY!!! Praying...we need a phone call one of these days!

    LOVE YOU! steph and the rest of our gang!