Thursday, December 22, 2011

This was the face that met me today when I got to the hospital....

And this is what I got to do....

Now that his IV line is in his arm I can cuddle with him better -- and we both love that!! What a great gift!

The plan for today was to get an x-ray to see if the barium was all gone from the test on Tuesday. Since his bowels aren't moving, there was a large amount left and so they tried to irrigate it and flush it out. It is pretty thick and so this will not be a one shot process. They will come in later today and irrigate again and take another x-ray in the morning to see where we are. As soon as the barium is gone we can move on to the small intestine and see if there is a blockage there.

This is a real puzzle because it looks like there is either a partial or complete blockage, but he isn't acting like a baby whose intestines are blocked. He is happy, content, and in no pain. If there were a blockage he should be looking like a sick baby. So, the doctors are just getting one piece of information at a time and trying to build an accurate picture of what is going on in his belly. If there is a partial blockage, it may clear itself, or it may require surgery. If there is a complete blockage then it will be surgery for sure. We would love to avoid that!

On an interesting note, we had two GI doctors in our room to look at him yesterday. One of them was named Dr. Farrell, and I thought that was interesting since one of the pieces of equipment we use on Noah's GI tube is called a Farrell bag. Keith asked about it and he is THAT Dr. Farrell. Not only that, but he is the Chief of Staff for all of Cincinnati Children's. You would never know it to meet him, his demeanor was very unassuming and he is very approachable. Grateful that we have such knowledgeable doctors on Noah's case!

I brought this boy with me today.....

Several months ago he was unsure about the whole big brother gig. Who can blame him -- being the baby is a pretty great spot to be in! What a difference a few months can make! He came to me last night sobbing because he was missing his baby brother. What a sweet heart this little guy has! How I love him!!

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