Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Looks like we are on our way to surgery today. From the x-rays we know that there is some type of obstruction -- what we don't know is exactly where,  if it full or partial, and if there has been any permanent damage to the site of the blockage. It has been explained to us that there is a 50% chance that it is a partial block caused by scar tissue that can be snipped away. In this case, recovery will be pretty quick, about 2-5 days. There is a 40% chance that it will be a complete blockage and that will require them to remove the blocked section (how much will depend on the amount and level of damage) and stitch the ends together. This will be a longer recovery time (up to 2 weeks). There is a 10% chance that they will have to cut away the damaged section and not be able to reconnect. This would require them to place two "stomas" (holes in his tummy) and there will be bags connected to them to catch his waste. It is then a near certainty that in about 8 weeks they will be able to go back in and reconnect it. (Praying that we don't find ourselves in the 10%)

So, much is unknown as they move forward...how grateful we are that none of this surprises God and that He will give us all we need no matter the outcome of the surgery.

We are anticipating him going in about 11:30......not sure on the exact time. We will try and keep the blog updated and are so grateful for all of your prayers!!!

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  1. Praying my dear sister...Ellianna had something similar done while in an orphanage in Taiwan...not exactly sure what because the med records were very sketchy but it was similar...

    praying and we love you lots! steph